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Back to Basics Genetics

Our Genetics

We would like to tell you a little bit about our Program and how we arrived at what we are doing.

The Lesikar Genetic program has some unique characteristics to it.  We had been breeding Angus cattle in years past, but not with any emphasis on producing Seed Stock or Commercial Bulls.  We had tried some of the Popular AI Sires with what were considered popular EPDs.  They were mostly larger framed cattle and “Hard Doers”.  These did not work for us requiring more inputs than we felt were necessary.  We wanted to produce a moderate size cow, one that could produce a calf which would wean at least half of her weight, have a good udder, the capacity and efficiency to live on grass, plenty of muscle and especially to have docility.

During a study of Angus pedigrees and genetics, we found that the older matings that began making Angus cattle, the breed of demand, there were a few herds that had been bred in keeping with this ideal.  Having learned from these herds, we began using the AI Sires that were strong in the Traveler and EXT lines.  We blended these with our cows and developed our base herd.  During this period, we also developed a Battery of Herd Bulls which promoted these genetics, some of which were collected and used exclusively as AI Sires to strengthen our program.  These Lesikar AI Sires will stack up against any other AI Sires in producing the type of Angus cattle that we believe are what make the Breed great.


Having created our herd from these proven and older style genetics, we went “Back to Basics” and developed Bulls that possessed “Big Butts”.  Hence the name and theme of our Annual Spring Female and Fall Bull Sale.  The Lesikar “Back to Basics” Genetics have everything we studied and wanted to embody.  This is why we are able to guarantee certain traits when we offer these great cattle in our various sales.  How many other Ranches are willing to guarantee docility when you buy a Bull?  We do and stand behind the knowledge that you will be extremely happy with the way the Bulls and Females act and the response that Lesikar Genetics will have in your herd.